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"we help you to work digitally"

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'Digital business solution'

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About Us

We are Software solution providers for each and every small scale business/sectors, e.g. Debt collections agencies for retail / utility collections, Small retail outlets, Guest houses/ Lounges and Hotels, Small Logistic companies, Educational institutes, etc., to help their business to grow faster and be on top of their day to day operational activities at a bare minimum investment.

What is the need of moving ahead digitally in your business???

Every established industry or company seeks growth and wants to be the profit making & well known in the market, and to achieve their goals they push very hard with the limited recourses available, in today’s time as well, there are tons of small industries working the same way how they have been working since decades, and if we talk or analyze their growth, It’s very less…

Now to find a solution for a problem, it is important to find a problem first…

Some of the fact finds are,

  • - Lots of dependencies on manual paper work.

  • - Lack of control over day to day operational activities due to no specific goal setting.

  • - Lack of control over staff and inventories due to no systematic records or tools.

  • - Delaying in upgrading business ways due to heavy funds’ investments. etc… And there are many more…

What have we done to overcome these issues and how we can help you to achieve your dream growth systematically, at a much faster pace and that too independently???

For the first time, we have created a very simple however very dynamic software application, a utility app, which runs on your own android mobile phone, takes care of all the micro details and helps your business to run flawlessly,

Some of the benefits of the app are,

  • - No Manual work at all.

  • - Less time consuming.

  • - Very cost effective.

  • - Live monitoring of staffs / Inventories.

  • - Maximum profit & productivity, and many more…

Our Vision

"Our Vision is to build the digital and most practically productive way of work culture in the global market @ the lowest cost possible"

Our Mission

"We constantly strive to be one of the strongest pillars for our valuable clients by providing them easy, delightful and highly satisfying efficient products and prompt after sale service with our experience of over a decade in pioneering in leadership & tons of business solutions deployed throughout the boundaries"


Room booking, inventory management, expense management, employee management, vendor management,


RCAP is Web & Android based software application platform, which is certainly the proven versatile solution for debt collections business...
Some of the attributes of RCAP,

EMS (Employee Management System)
Registering a new employee, feeding their KYC doc. in the system to maintain the employee list for the company and or legal purpose, generating the employee code, etc...


fTouch is mobile application which runs on any android based mobile phone, which is to be used by Calling executives, Field executive and the team leaders… Some of the attributes of fTouch are,

Helps to filter the exact data to work on along with customer’s current status and details, e.g. Customer’s name, address, current bucket, last payment, etc…



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