About Us

Nathani Software Pvt. Ltd. is a software solution provider for every small to large scale business aiming to grow and establish their business and overcoming its routine problems at a very affordable Cost / Investment. We provide easy and digital solutions to Debt collections agencies for Retail / Utility Collections, Small Retail Outlets, Guest Houses / Lounges and Hotels, Restaurants, Small Logistic Companies, Educational Institutes etc.

What We Do :

We develop software solutions and provide benefits to Small Vendors / Investors by mass marketing so that they overcome the traditional way of growing their business thus saving time, energy and cost digitally.

Want to move ahead digitally in your business?

We provide answer to all such questions as every industry or company seeks growth, profitmaking and wants to be well known in the market. Thus to achieve their goals they struggle working the same way how they have been working since decades, and if we analyse their growth,its next to none because of great competitions around.

Traditional problems faced by small Industries / Retailers / Business are :

  • Dependency on manual paper work.
  • Lack of control over day to day operational activities as no goal is set.
  • Lack of control over Staff / Stocks / Inventories due to no systematic Records / Tools and many more.

Nathani software Pvt. Ltd. helps in overcoming these issues faced daily in order to achieve the dream growth of business systematically at a much affordable cost saving time and energy.

We have developed a very easy to use yet very dynamic software application, a utility application which runs on your own android mobile phone taking care of all the minor details of your business helping it to run smoothly meeting your goals.

  • Currently we have developed two of our products which serves as a software and mobile application.
  • Firstly, RCAP (Retail Collections Administrative Program) Which is a Web & Android based software application platform which proves to be an all roundsolution for debt collections business.
  • Secondly, fTouch which is a mobile application running on any android based phone, the app is used by Calling executives, Field executive and the team leaders. fTouch is the best android application which can be used without any technical knowledge bringing easy solutions to routine problems of small as well as large business.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to reach globally and provide software solutions to each and every business which is struggling for its growth and success in the new and modern era by serving our valuable clients with our products which are easy to use and available at a very affordable cost to its consumers. We believe in understanding your business situation thoroughly and helping you to achieve total success by providing you the best of our software solutions.”

Our Vision

“Our Vision is to grow and develop any size of business through digital means and make sure we remove the traditional way of working by introducing new means and productive way of work culture in the global market at the lowest and affordable cost."