fTouch Hotel & Lodge

A user friendly approach to your Hotel & lounge business..

Desktop / Android App

fTouch Hotel can be available to its consumers in the form of a desktop application or a smart android application.

Easy to Download / Install / Use

Everyone can use fTouch Hotel as it is very easy to Download / Install / Operate and Update without any technical knowledge.

Budget Friendly

fTouch Hotel can be availed at a very affordable LOW budget almost unimaginable. Each and every package is affordable by every scale of business.

One stop solution

fTouch Hotel brings an all-round solution to the variety of Problems / Inconsistencies faced by Hotels & Lodges during the working of business.

Incredible Features

We have everything you need under one roof.

Customer Management

Sales bill Delievery via Whatsapp, SMS, E-mail & Printing.

Financial Management

Manage expenses like vendors Bill, Electricity Bill, Telephonebill, Salary, Rent, Govt Taxes etc.

Inventory Management

Get effect on inventory items and maintenance of the stock and its details.

Room Booking

fTouch Hotel shows room Booking Dashboard, Saves data of occupying room's customer with check in details and check out process.

Employee / Vendor Management

Add, Remove Employees / Vendor and maintain their expenses and salary.

Agent Management

Add agent details which are responsible for customer reservations or booking.

Reservations / Cancellation

Add customer reservation with their details. Also can cancel customers reservations.


Auto generate key reports on pre-set time schedule via E-Mail, Reports from desired date till current datereports. Working reports can be obtained in excel with E-Mail facility.

Backup & Restore

Data Backup & Restore function through > Cloud & Restore and > Offline Mode(when data is not to be shared).

Why fTouch Hotel?

fTouch Hotel is a smart desktop as well as android application, which allows the hotel industries and lodges to overcome the struggles they are facing daily in their business. Time, Energy and Resources can be saved while using the amazing features of fTouch resulting in increase growth of business. The application requires connection to Internet in order to be installed and logged into system, after installation on the device, fTouch Hotel can be used in offline mode. Only login, data backup to cloud and Email set up requires internet connection.

What fTouch offers?

fTouch in terms of Hotels and Lodges allows room booking through room types and its Services, Inventory Management, Expenses Management, Employee / Vendor / Agent Management. Application shows room booking dashboard, saves data of occupying room's customer with check in and check out process. It allows user to take data backup and restore options in cloud as well as in device. Also you can buy and use this application’s features at a very affordable and surprisingly LOW cost.


Have a pictorial look of what fTouch Hotel looks like.

User Manual

Now Available

Hurry Up! fTouch Hotel is now available on google play with tons of amazing features to all the Android Users.

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